+ Biosketch

Just turned 50 years of age, sociologist, doing research at the intersection of organizational sciences and psychology, but probably most known as dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Passionate about basketball, music, motorcycling and of course his family. There might be more to Luc Sels than you think. Just as he believes there is more to KU Leuven: KU Leuven+

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Our ambitions

The university, a unique place

There are few places in our society where so much is possible as in a university. + Read more


An inclusive organization

It is one of the special characteristics of the KU Leuven that ever since its foundation in 1425 it has been an overtly 'professor-driven' university. + Read more


Putting the student central

Since the 1960s, the KU Leuven has evolved into a student-driven university, in which students have helped to develop participation and co-governance in a mature manner. + Read more


The balance between competition and collaboration

One of the most fundamental challenges for the future of our university is to find the optimal level of competition to obtain the research funding and the operational resources we need. + Read more


Cooperation between the Groups

The way the university looks today is not, in our opinion, the way a university of the future should look. + Read more


Work smart, not hard

A smarter organization of work leads to a higher well-being. + Read more


A connected administration

Differences of opinion and vision are often enriching. Differences need to be cherished and utilized. + Read more


A single policy plan with lateral connections

In recent years we have seen commendable efforts to incorporate governance choices into policy plans + Read more


Global and international, with ambition

The KU Leuven is an outstanding educational institution, with a reputation for excellence that is reflected in numerous important rankings. + Read more


The university of tomorrow

In our university we are too concerned with the trends and problems of the here and now. + Read more

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+ Core points

Making KU Leuven+ together: it really is possible. Some of you may think that the programme is too good to be true. Others will say that an institution like ours is too large to be led in such a new and innovative manner. The plans are indeed ambitious, but there are many who support them and we are all ready to do our utmost to turn them into reality. We need effective leadership more than ever before. Providing well-considered and inclusive leadership will save us from chaos and doubt. In view of my many years of governance experience, you can be sure that I will watch carefully over the course that we are sailing together. My proven willingness to serve and my human approach have won me the trust and confidence of many in the university. These things mean a lot to me and I would never do anything to dishonour them. Our common goal must therefore be: to serve KU Leuven by making the difference every day. Supported by the help of so many dedicated colleagues and enthusiastic students, I know that this is within our reach. I invite you to read the core points of my programme.

Core points (PDF)